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TPS22902 Load Switch Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS22902EVM

The TPS22902EVM is an evaluation module for the Texas Instruments family of low-input voltage, ultra-low rON load switches. This EVM operates over a 1 V to 3.6 V range and provides a continuous output current of up to 110 mA. Additional open resistor and capacitor footprints allow for the use of customer-selected input and output load values. The TPS22902EVM accepts a YFP-4 packaged load switch for any of three (3) possible devices: TPS22901, TPS22902, or TPS22902B. These switches have a low threshold enable input, internally controlled slew rate, and ultra-low quiescent/shutdown current. The TPS22902 and TPS22902B also incorporate a 120Ω quick output discharge resistor internally.