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TPS22994 Quad-Channel Load Switch With GPIO and I²C Control Evaluation Module



  • EVM contains two TPS22994 devices, for a total of 8 independently controlled channels
    • Additional TPS22994 EVMs can be daisy chained (up to 4 EVMs) to give a total of 28 channels that can be controlled via I2C
  • I2C control interface allows user to use any I2C capable microcontroller for evaluation of the EVM
    • TI I2C capable microcontroller module (USB2ANY) included in EVM kit
  • Status LEDs for each channel output allows for quick debug of setup
  • VIN input voltage range: 1V to 3.6V
  • VBIAS voltage range: 4.5V to 17.2V
    • Suitable for 2S/3S/4S Li-ion battery topologies
  • 1.0 A max continuous current per channel

Texas Instruments  TPS22994EVM-091

It allows the user to apply an input voltage of (1.0V-3.6V) to any of four inputs under different loading conditions (0-1.0A) to the TPS22994 device. The output slew rate, On timing, and output discharge rate are programmable through the I2C interface. The output response can be monitored on the EVM.