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TPS23753AEVM-004 3.3Vout 10W IEEE 802.3-2005 Compliant PD Contr, PS Contr Evaluation Module



  • Efficient, general market design
  • Simple gate drive, synchronous rectified secondary
  • 10-W output power from power over Ethernet (PoE), 48-V or 24-V adapter and 6-W output power from a 12-V adapter
  • 5-V or 12-V output voltage with simple BOM changes

Texas Instruments  TPS23753AEVM-004

TPS23753AEVM-004 allows users to evaluate the reference circuitry of the TPS23753A. It contains input and output power connectors and an array of onboard test points for circuit evaluation. TPS23753AEVM-003 (5-V output) and TPS23753AEVM-005 (12-V output) can be configured with simple bill of materials (BOM) changes.