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22-57 Vin, 5 Vout High Efficiency PoE Interface and DC/DC Controller Evaluation Module for TPS23757



  • Efficient, general market design
  • Self-driven, synchronous rectified secondary
  • 11-W output power from power-over-ethernet (POE) or from a 48-V adapter
  • Operates from either POE or external adapters (24 V, 48 V)
  • 5-V output voltage
  • NOTE: Only the 5-V version is orderable. The 5-V version can be converted to the 3.3-V version using few component changes, please see the User's Guide page 11 for the details

Texas Instruments  TPS23757EVM

The TPS23757EVM contains evaluation and reference circuitry for the TPS23757. The TPS23757 contains a powered device (PD) and a power supply controller supporting many high-efficiency topologies. The TPS23757EVM supports the IEEE 802.3at (draft) standard for a type 1 PD (equivalent to the 13W standard of IEEE 802.3-2008) and contains a power supply controller optimized for high-efficiency converter topologies. The TPS23757EVM is targeted at 11-W, synchronous flyback converter applications.