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Dual TPS2378 PoE PD for Forced UPOE 51W High Power Four-Pair PoE Applications Evaluation Module



  • 51W High Power 4-Pair PoE (Forced UPOE)
  • Logic circuitry keeps converter off until both TPS2378 PDs are powered
  • MPS circuit keep PSE ports connected until converter startup
  • Load inhibitor circuit (optional) for high power resistive loads

Texas Instruments  TPS2378EVM-602

The TPS2378EVM-602 evaluation module (EVM) is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the dual TPS2378 four-pair, high power 51W applications. The TPS2378EVM-602 is a Forced UPOE compliant solution that requires no software. The EVM contains header connectors for easy connection to external test and application circuitry.