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TPS2384EVM PoE Auto mode Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS2384EVM

Special Note: Upgrade your system to IEEE802.3at standard compliance today.  Check out the TPS23861EVM-612 and TPS2388EVM-612.

The TPS2384EVM features the TPS2384 made by Texas Instruments. This EVM can be configured as an endpoint power sourcing equipment (PSE) or as a midspan PSE. Four-input and four-output RJ-45 connectors are provided to connect directly to an Ethernet cable. According to the IEEE 802.3af specification, the PSE can apply power over the data lines or over the spare lines on the Ethernet cable. The TPS2384EVM has been designed with jumpers for applying power in either configuration.

The TPS2384EVM is designed such that the TPS2384 device can operate in either Auto Mode or Power Management Mode. A graphical user interface (GUI) has also been developed to read and write to the TPS2384 internal registers using the I2C interface.

TPS2384 PoE Auto mode Evaluation Module requires the EV2300 PC Interface Board for I2C communication with the control GUI running on a PC.