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TPS2399 Evaluation Module



The following list highlights some of the features of the TPS2398 and TPS2399.

  • Wide input supply range of -36 V to -80 V
  • Transient rating to -100 V
  • Programmable current limit
  • Programmable current slew rate
  • Enable input (EN)
  • Fault timer to eliminate nuisance trips
  • Open-drain power good output (PG)
  • 8-pin MSOP package

Texas Instruments  TPS2399EVM

The TPS2398 and TPS2399 simple -48-V hot swap controllers are integrated solutions optimized for use in nominal -48-V systems. They are used in conjunction with an external N-channel MOSFET and sense resistor to enable hot swap, the insertion and removal of plug-in cards or modules in powered systems. Both devices feature inrush current slew rate and peak magnitude limiting, which are easily programmed by the sense resistor value, and a single external capacitor. They facilitate implementation of platform control of the electrical connectionor isolation of the protected load, and provide single-line load fault reporting. An on-chip timer, also set by a single capacitor, provides filtering against nuisance breaker trips. These features are all incorporated into a tiny 8-pin MSOP package. The TPS2398 latches off in response to current faults. The TPS2399 periodically retries the load, to test for the continued existence of a fault.