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TPS2411 Evaluation Module



A 5 V supply is used to power status LEDs. It is jumper selected to power VDD on the TPS2411 and the glitch circuit if the control voltage is less than 3 V. The status outputs turn on LEDs to give a visual condition of the system, fault, power good, and gate status. The Glitch maker, discussed in the test methods section of the user’s guide, applies a 1 ohm load to the input supply for 100 µs. This disruption allows the user to scope test points and observe system recovery. The RSET resistor is used to program the turn-off point of the TPS2411. The Filter compensates for system noise. The UV and OV circuits set permissible limits for input operating voltage.

Texas Instruments  TPS2411EVM

The TPS2411EVM is an Evaluation module set up to wire-OR two power supplies for redundant power to a load using two TPS2411s and MOSFETs.