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TPS2456 Dual 12V Protection and Blocking ORing Controller Evaluation Module



  • One TPS2456 Dual 12V Protection and Blocking and ORing controller IC
  • Programming and sense resistors (12 V)
  • Low RDS(ON) pass and block FET’s (12 V)
  • Input and output power jacks for external supply and optional load connection
  • Up to 880 µF (4 x 220 µF) jumpered load capacitors (each channel) for simulated
  • Payload Power output bulk capacitance
  • Can be configured to latch off or retry on fault

Texas Instruments  TPS2456EVM

The TPS2456EVM is an evaluation module used to evaluate the TPS2456 Dual 12V Protection/Blocking Controller. The TPS2456 provides hot swap capability and diode Or functions via external Mosfets. The TPS2456 is a dual, 12 V, channel protection (hotswap) and blocking (ORing) controller that provides inrush control, current limiting, overload protection, and reverse current blocking. The current sense topology provides both accurate current limits and independent setting of current limit and fast trip thresholds.