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TPS2458 Hot Swap/ORing Controller Evaluation Module



  • One TPS2458 ATCA™ AdvancedMC™ Controller IC
  • Programming and sense resistors (12 V)
  • Low RDS(ON) pass and block FET’s (12 V)
  • Input and output power jacks for external supply and optional load connection
  • up to 880 µF (4 time 220 µF) jumpered load capacitors (12 V channel) for simulated Payload Power output bulk capacitance
  • 150 µF jumpered load capacitor for the Management Power channel
  • Multiple, switch-selectable fault timer settings, each channel
  • Slide switch actuation of enable inputs
  • Expansion port headers

Texas Instruments  TPS2458EVM

The AdvancedMC™ Controller Evaluation Module (EVM) is a PCB platform for users to learn about the features and operation of the TPS2458 integrated circuit (IC) from Texas Instruments (TI). The TPS2458 ATCA™ AdvancedMC™ Controller IC manages a 12 V and a 3.3 V power rail and features inrush and fault current limiting, FET OR’ing, input UVLO protection and logic-level enable inputs. Current control on the 12 V rail has a high degree of programmability, including independent current limit and fast trip thresholds. Overcurrent fault timing is managed with user-programmable shut-down delays, and each of the two power channels has dedicated fault and power good reporting outputs. In addition, current sense and pass and block FET’s for the 3.3 V channel is fully integrated into the device. Power management applications based on the TPS2458 are easily configured to meet the requirements for 12 V and 3.3 V control of Advanced Mezzanine Card (AdvancedMC™) modules. Each device incorporated onto a Carrier Card provides full control for an AdvancedMC™ slot according to the requirements of the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA™) specification, PICMG 3.0.