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Evaluation Module for TPS24711 Positive Voltage, Power-Limiting Hotswap Controller



  • +2.5V to +20V Operation
  • Programmable Power Limit for FET Protection
  • Programmable Fault Timer
  • High-side Drive for External NFET
  • Power Good Output - Open-Drain
  • 10-pin MSOP

Texas Instruments  TPS24711EVM-004

The TPS24711EVM-004 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS24711 High Efficiency Power-Limiting Hot-Swap Controller. The evaluation module is a 12V, 25A hot swap controller in latch off mode with an external MOSFET.

The TPS24711EVM-004 may also be used to evaluate the TPS24713 High Efficiency Power-Limiting Hot-Swap Controller. Order the TPS24711EVM-004 and a TPS24713 sample part separately. Remove and replace the TPS24711 at U2 with the TPS24713. The difference between these parts is the polarity of the status outputs. For TPS24713, the status LEDs are off when true.