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12A Integrated Hot-Swap Protector with Current Monitor



  • 10A integrated MOSFET hot swap controllers with either automatic retry (TPS24751) or latched fault (TPS24750)  versions.
  • 35A input/output screw type terminals.
  • Onboard fault and power good LED’s.
  • Linear output ramp (gate dV/dt control) option using jumper.
  • On board test point access for all device level pins.

Texas Instruments  TPS24750EVM-546

TPS24750EVM-546 features a highly sophisticated hot swap controller with integrated MOSFET with built in SOA protection. The EVM provides the user with convenient test points, connectors, and various indicators for full evaluation of the device. TPS24751 will automatically retry while TPS24750 will latch after a system fault.