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TPS254900Q1 with LMR14030 3.5A Step-Down Regulator Evaluation Module


Offer VBUS, D+ and D- short to 12V battery protection
TPS254900Q1 Built in IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Protection on DP_IN and DM_IN pins
Cable compensation ability
Up to 5.3V with 2.4A based on cable resistance of 200mΩ Up to 3A output current capacity.

Texas Instruments  TPS254900Q1EVM-817

The TPS254900-Q1 evaluation module (TPS254900Q1EVM-817) contains evaluation and reference circuitry for the TPS254900-Q1, which is a USB charging controller and power switch, integrated VBUS and D+/D- short to battery protection, cable compensation, current monitor (IMON) and IEC ESD protection, which is suitable for automotive USB charging and USB port protection application.