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TPS2549Q1EVM Automotive USB Charging Port Controller & Power Switch Evaluation Module



  • TPS2549Q1 Built in IEC 61000-4-2 Protection on DP_IN and DM_IN pins
  • Linear USB Cable Voltage Droop Compensation
  • TPS2549Q1 is fully AEC Q100 qualified
  • Built in Short to VBUS Protection and Notification on DP_IN and DM_IN pins
  • LM53603AQPWPRQ1 High Performance 2.1MHz Automotive qualified DC/DC converter

Texas Instruments  TPS2549Q1EVM-729

TPS2549Q1EVM-729 is a USB charging port controller with an integrated power switch and USB 2.0 high-speed data line (DP/DM) switches. TPS2549Q1EVM-729 provides the electrical signatures on DP_IN and DM_IN to support all current charging schemes. TPS2549Q1EVM-729 incorporates USB cable voltage drop compensation by linearly sensing the port current and automatically adjusting the output voltage of the LM53603AQPWPRQ1 to keep the cable end device voltage within the normal operating range.