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TPS25820 USB Type-C,1.5A Source Controller and Power Switch EVM with USB Dedicated Port Controller


  • USB Type-C Rev.1.2 Compliant Source Controller
  • 1.5A Capability Adertisement on CC Line and 1.7A OUT Current Limit
  • Connector Attach/Detach Detection and Surper-speed Polarity Determination
  • CC1 and CC2 +/- 8kV Contact and +/- 15kV Air Discharge ESD Rating(IEC 61000-4-2)

Texas Instruments  TPS25820EVM-835

The TPS25820 evaluation module (TPS25820EVM-835) contains evaluation and reference circuitry for TPS25820, which is a simple to use USB Type-C controller with an integrated 1.5A rated USB VBUS power switch. This device meets the Source requirements as defined in the USB Type-C Specification and implemetns the Source state machine for the detection of USB Type-C device attach/detach, connection orientation, and attached device type.