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TPS2590 Hot Swap Controller System Evaluation Module



  • 3-V to 20-V Operation
  • Controlled Inrush Current
  • Fast Circuit Breaker Control
  • Hardware Programmable
  • LED Status Display
  • A Slide Switch Controls the ENABLE Signal.
  • Copper Pour with Vias to the Internal Ground takes Advantage of the Power Pad Package
  • On-Board Transorb is for Over-Voltage Input Protection
  • Common Diode at Output Prevents Negative Spike when Load is Removed While Powered On
  • Monitor Circuit Operation Test Points

Texas Instruments  TPS2590EVM

The EVM is a 3-V to 18-V module using the TPS2590/91 hot-swap controller with integrated MOSFET. At power on, the output is power limited to control inrush current and protect the MOSFET. On an over-current condition, the controller interrupts power to the load at high speed and signals load status. Operating current, fault current and fault timer settings are hardware programmable