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TPS25921EVM-637 4.5-18V eFuse with Precision Current Limit Evaluation Module



  • 4.5V to 18V operating voltage range  eFuse
  • Up to 1.5A Adjustable ILIMIT setting option using Jumper
  • On board fault and power good LEDs
  • Linear output ramp (gate dV/dt control) option
  • On board test point access for all device level pins

Texas Instruments  TPS25921EVM-637

The TPS25921xD eFuses are highly integrated circuit protection and power management solution in a small package. These devices use few external components and provide multiple protection modes, along with providing  a robust defense against overloads, shorts circuits, voltage surges and excessive inrush current. Current limit level can be set with a single external resistor and current limit set has a precise accuracy of ±2% at room temperature.

Additionally, these devices cut-off the input bus and protect the system from over-voltage event, which is user configurable with simple resistor as per system needs.