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TPS2H160-Q1 Dual Channels Smart High-Side Switch Evaluation Module



  • High accurate Current Sense
  • Adjustable current limit with external resistor
  • Tested according to AECQ100-12

Texas Instruments  TPS2H160EVM

Texas Instruments TPS2H160-Q1 evaluation module contains a TPS2H160-Q1 integrated circuit (IC), supporting dual channel high side switch application. The purpose of this EVM is to facilitate evaluation of the TPS2H160-Q1 for resistive, capacitive, inductive load.
The TPS2H160-Q1 family is a fully protected dual channels high side power switch, with integrated NMOS power FET and charge pump.
Full diagnostics and high accuracy current sense features enable intelligent control of the load. External programmable current limit improves the whole system’s reliability by limit the inrush or overload current