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TPS3421EG Evaluation Module



  • Very Small 1.45mm x 1mm SON package
  • Dual Push Button Inputs
  • User selectable delay: 0s, 4s, 7.5s
  • Low supply current: 500nA
  • Fixed timeout pulse at /RST: 400ms
  • Active-low, open-drain output

Texas Instruments  TPS3421EGEVM-156

The Texas Instruments TPS3421EGEVM-156 evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the performance of the TPS3421 Dual Channel Push Button Reset Timer. The TPS3421 is a low-current, ultra-small, push-button controller IC. The device uses a long timing setup delay to provide the intended system reset, and avoid resets from short push-button closures or key presses. This reset configuration also allows for differentiation between software interrupts and hard system resets. The EVM contains an IC for system resetting solutions and header connectors for easy connection to external test and application circuitry. The TPS3421EGEVM-156 board can be modified to evaluate the TPS3420 and TPS3422. See the TPS3421EGEVM-156 User’s Guide for more information.