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TPS3803X-Q1 Voltage Detectors Evaluation Module



  • Major pins of device broken out into onboard testpoints
  • Onboard test points
  • Onboard jumpers for easy IC configuration and attachement for probes
  • Q200 qualified passives in EVM solution

Texas Instruments  TPS3803Q1EVM

The TPS380XQ1 EVM includes the TPS3803-Q1 and TPS3805-Q1 family of supervisory circuits which provide circuit initialization and timing supervision primarly for DSP's and processor based systems. The EVM features three devices TPS3803-01-Q1,TPS3803G15-Q1 and TPS3805H33-Q1 for easy evalutation. TPS3803G15-Q1 has a fixed sense threshold voltage, whereas the TPS3803Q1 has an adjustable SENSE input configured by an external resistor divider. The TPS3805-Q1 has a second SENSE input as well as a fixed threshold voltage.