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Quad Supply Voltage Supervisors with Programmable Delay and Watchdog Timer

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Package | PIN: VQFN (RGP) | 20
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Package qty | Carrier: 3,000 | LARGE T&R
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1-99 $1.87
100-249 $1.63
250-999 $1.11
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  • Four Independent Voltage Supervisors
  • Channel 1:
    • Adjustable Threshold Down to 0.4 V
    • Manual Reset(MR) Input
  • Channels 2, 3:
    • Adjustable Threshold Down to 0.4 V
  • Channel 4:
    • Adjustable Threshold at Any Positive or NegativeVoltage
    • Window Comparator
  • Adjustable Delay Time: 1.4 ms to 10 s
  • Threshold Accuracy: 0.25% Typical
  • Very Low Quiescent Current: 11 µA Typical
  • Watchdog Timer With Dedicated Output
  • Well-Controlled Output During Power Up
  • TPS386000: Open-Drain RESETn and WDO
  • TPS386040: Push-Pull RESETn and WDO
  • Package: 4-mm × 4-mm, 20-Pin VQFN

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Texas Instruments  TPS386000RGPR

The TPS3860x0 family of supply voltage supervisors (SVSs) can monitor four power railsthat are greater than 0.4 V and one power rail less than 0.4 V (including negative voltage) with a0.25% (typical) threshold accuracy. Each of the four supervisory circuits (SVS-n) assert aRESETn or RESETn output signal when the SENSEm input voltage drops below theprogrammed threshold. With external resistors, the threshold of each SVS-n can be programmed (wheren = 1, 2, 3, 4 and m = 1, 2,3, 4L, 4H).

Each SVS-n has a programmable delay before releasing RESETn orRESETn. The delay time can be set independently for each SVS from 1.4 ms to 10 s through the CTnpin connection. Only SVS-1 has an active-low manual reset (MR) input; alogic-low input to MR asserts RESET1 orRESET1.

SVS-4 monitors the threshold window using two comparators. The extra comparator can beconfigured as a fifth SVS to monitor negative voltage with voltage reference output VREF.

The TPS3860x0 has a very low quiescent current of 11 µA (typical) and is available in asmall, 4-mm x 4-mm, VQFN-20 package.