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2.25V-5.5V, 300 kHz, Synchronous Buck Controller, Source/ Sink, Prebias Operation

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Package | PIN: HVSSOP (DGQ) | 10
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Partial Tube
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1-9 $2.52
10-24 $2.27
25-99 $2.11
100-249 $1.85
250-499 $1.74
500-749 $1.47
750-999 $1.24
1000+ $1.19


  • Operating Input Voltage 2.25 V to 5.5 V
  • Output Voltage as Low as 0.7 V
  • 1% Internal 0.7 V Reference
  • Predictive Gate Drive™ N-Channel MOSFET Drivers for Higher Efficiency
  • Externally Adjustable Soft-Start and Overcurrent Limit
  • Fixed-Frequency Voltage-Mode Control
    • TPS40007, 300 kHz
    • TPS40009, 600 kHz
  • Source/Sink with VOUT Prebias
  • 10-Lead MSOP PowerPad™ Package for Higher Performance
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Internal Boostrap Diode
    • Networking Equipment
    • Telecom Equipment
    • Base Stations
    • Servers
    • DSP Power
    • Power Modules

PowerPAD and Predictive Gate Drive are trademarks of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

Texas Instruments  TPS40007DGQG4

The TPS4000x are controllers for low-voltage, non-isolated synchronous buck regulators. These controllers drive an N-channel MOSFET for the primary buck switch, and an N-channel MOSFET for the synchronous rectifier switch, thereby achieving very high-efficiency power conversion. In addition, the device controls the delays from main switch off to rectifier turn-on and from rectifier turn-off to main switch turn-on in such a way as to minimize diode losses (both conduction and recovery) in the synchronous rectifier with TI’s proprietary Predictive Gate Drive™ technology. The reduction in these losses is significant and increases efficiency. For a given converter power level, smaller FETs can be used, or heat sinking can be reduced or even eliminated.

The current-limit threshold is adjustable with a single resistor connected to the device. The TPS4000x controllers implement a closed-loop soft start function. Startup ramp time is set by a single external capacitor connected to the SS/SD pin. The SS/SD pin is also used for shutdown.