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Wide Input Range Converter delivers 5V at 2 Amps



  • Operates from an input source varying from 10 VDC to 40 VDC
  • Output current 3 A with VIN = 10 V, 2 A with VIN = 40 V
  • Low cost high voltage conversion

Texas Instruments  TPS40055EVM-002

The TPS40055EVM−002 wide range input dc-to-dc converter uses the TPS40055 synchronous rectifier controller to step down a 10-V to 40-V input to 5 V. The output current is 3 A with an input of 10 V and should be linearly derated to 2 A at VIN = 40 V. The TPS40055 is used because it offers a variety of user programmable functions such as operating frequency, soft start, voltage feed-forward, high-side current limit, and external loop compensation. This controller provides a regulated 10-V gate drive supply which feeds the bootstrap charging circuit for the high-side N-channel MOSFET along with a driver for the low-side synchronous rectifier MOSFET. The device operation is specified in the TPS40055 datasheet