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TPS40090EVM-002 Evaluation Module



Features the TPS40090 with the TPS2834 driver to step down 12 V to 1.5 V at 100 A.

Texas Instruments  TPS40090EVM-002

The TPS40090EVM-002 multi-phase dc-to-dc converter utilizes the TPS40090 multi-phase controller and TPS2834 adaptive driver to step down a 12 V input to 1.5 V at 420 kHz. The output current can exceed 100 A. The TPS40090 provides fixed-frequency, peak current-mode control with forced-phase current balancing. Phase currents are sensed by the voltage drop across the DC resistance (DCR) of inductors. Other features include a single voltage operation, true differential output voltage sense, user programmable current limit, capacitor-programmable soft-start and a power good indicator. Device operation is specified in the TPS40090 datasheet.

TPS40090EVM-002 can be configured into 2-, 3- or 4-phase operation. For 2-phase operation,populate R65 and R66 to tie PWM2 and PWM4 up to internal 5 V and leave components in related phases unpopulated. For 3-phase operation, tie PWM4 to BP5 through R66 only. For 4-phase operation, leave both R65 and R66 unpopulated. In this user's guide, all the tests are conducted under 4 phase operation.