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12V Input, 3.3V Output, 10A Synchronous Buck Controller



  • 10.8V - 13.2V input range
  • 3.3V fixed output
  • 10 Adc Steady State Output Current
  • Output margin up and down support
  • Tracking voltage input to support simultaneous sequencing
  • Power good indicator
  • Frequency synchronization input
  • Remote sensing scheme
  • 380kHz switching frequency
  • Single Main Switch MOSFET and Single Synchronous Rectifier MOSFET
  • Single Component Side, surface mount design on a 3.0” x 3.25” evaluation board
  • Four Layer PCB with all components on top side
  • Convenient test points for probing critical waveforms
  • Test points for full loop analysis as well as control to output

Texas Instruments  TPS40100EVM-001

TPS40100EVM-001 is designed to use a regulated 12V +/-10% (10.8V-13.2V) bus to produce a regulated 3.3V output at up to 10A of load current. The EVM is designed to demonstrate the TPS40100 in a typical regulated bus to low-voltage application while providing a number of test points to evaluate the performance of theTPS40100. The EVM includes features to demonstrate voltage tracking, margin up/down, enable/disable and power good. A synchronization pin is provided to allow the EVM to be synchronized to an external clock.