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Evaluation Module for TPS40170 Synchronous PWM Buck Controller



  • Wide-Input Voltage Range from 4.5V to 60V
  • 600mV Reference Voltage with 1% Accuracy
  • Programmable UVLO and Hysteresis
  • Voltage Mode Control With Voltage Feed Forward
  • Programmable Frequency Between 100 kHz and 600 kHz
  • Low-side FET Sensing Overcurrent Protection and High-side FET Sensing Short-circuit Protection With Integrated Thermal Compensation
  • Programmable Closed Loop Soft-Start
  • Supports Pre-Biased Outputs
  • Thermal Shutdown at 165 degrees C with Hysteresis
  • Voltage Tracking
  • Power Good
  • 8.0V and 3.3V LDO Output

Texas Instruments  TPS40170EVM-578

The TPS40170EVM-578 evaluation module is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS40170 Wide Input Synchronous PWM Buck Controller. The TPS40170EVM-578 converts a 10V to 60V input to a 5V output at 6A. The minimum input voltage can be lowered to 6V with a simple UVLO resistor change.