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Evaluation Module for a 24V Input



  • 18 V to 36 V input range
  • 3.3 V output, adjustable with single feedback resistor
  • 0.125 A to 2.5 A steady-state output current
  • 200 kHz switching frequency
  • Single P-channel MOSFET and single rectifier
  • Two-layer, 1.275 inch x 1.675 inch, surface-mount design with all components on one side
  • Convenient test points for probing critical waveforms and noninvasive loop response testing

Texas Instruments  TPS40200EVM-002

The TPS40200EVM-002 evaluation module (EVM) uses the TPS40200 non-synchronous buck controller to provide a resistor selected 3.3 V output voltage that delivers up to 2.5 A from a 24 V input bus. The EVM operates from a single supply and uses a single P-channel power FET and Schottky Diode to produce a low cost buck converter. The part operates at a 200 kHz clock frequency as determined by an external resistor and capacitor. TPS40200EVM-002 is designed to operate with an 18 to 36 V input and to produce a regulated 3.3 V output with a load current from 0.125 to 2.5 A. The TPS40200EVM-002 demonstrates using the TPS40200 in a typical buck converter application. The board sacrifices some layout density to provide ample test points for module evaluation. This EVM can be modified to support output voltages from 0.7 V to 5 V and above, by changing a single feedback resistor. A table is included in the User Guide that lists specific 1% resistors for some common output voltages.