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2A Peak Sink/Source DDR Termination Regulator with VTTREF Buffered Reference for DDR2/3/3L/4

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Packaging information

Package | Pins WSON (DSQ) | 10
Operating temperature range (℃) T (-40 to 105)
Package qty | Carrier: 250 | SMALL T&R
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-2-260C-1 YEAR
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DPPM / MTBF / Fit rate -
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  • Supply Input Voltage: Supports 3.3-V Rail and 5-V Rail
  • VLDOIN Input Voltage Range: VTT+0.4 V to 3.5 V
  • VTT Termination Regulator
    • OutputVoltage Range: 0.5 V to 0.9 V
    • 2-A Peak Sink and SourceCurrent
    • Requires Only 10-µF MLCC Output Capacitor
    • ±20 mVAccuracy
  • VTTREF Buffered Reference
    • VDDQ/2 ± 1% Accuracy
    • 10-mA Sink and SourceCurrent
  • Supports High-Z in S3 and Soft-Stop in S4 and S5 with S3 and S5 Inputs
  • Overtemperature Protection
  • 10-Pin, 2 mm × 2 mm SON (DSQ) Package

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The TPS51206 device is a sink and source double date rate (DDR)termination regulator with VTTREF buffered reference output. It is specifically designed forlow-input voltage, low-cost, low-external component count systems where space is a keyconsideration. The device maintains fast transient response and only requires 1 × 10-µF of ceramicoutput capacitance. The device supports a remote sensing function and all power requirements forDDR2, DDR3 and Low-Power DDR3 (DDR3L), and DDR4 VTT bus. The VTT current capability is ±2-A peak.The device supports all of the DDR power states, putting VTT to High-Z in S3 state (suspend to RAM)and discharging VTT and VTTREF in S4 or S5 state (suspend to disk).

The TPS51206 device is available in 10-Pin, 2 mm × 2mm SON (DSQ) PowerPAD™ package and specified from –40°C to 105°C.

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