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4A, 5V to 22V Input, 1.2Vout Converter Evaluation Module featuring TPS53114



  • Wide 5-V to 22-V input voltage range
  • Fixed 1.20-V output voltage
  • 4-A steady-state current
  • 350-kHz or 700-kHz switching frequency (350-kHz optimized power stage)
  • Enable and frequency select switches
  • Test points for noninvasive measurement of switching waveforms, and input and output voltages

Texas Instruments  TPS53114EVM-541

The TPS53114EVM-541 evaluation module can demonstrate a wide-input-voltage (5 V–22 V) to 1.20-V, 4-A application in a stand-alone module. This module allows a customer to evaluate the performance of the TPS53114 controller in a typical synchronous, buck (step-down) application. Specifications, test procedure and setup, design files, and typical performance are included for reference.