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TPS53124EVM High Efficiency, Dual Synchronous Buck Controller Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS53124EVM

The TPS53124EVM evaluation module is a high efficiency, dual synchronous buck converterproviding 1.05 V at 4 A and 1.8 V at 4 A from 5 V to 22 V input. The TPS53124 is a dual, adaptive on-time D-CAP™ mode synchronous buck controller. TPS53124 enables system designers to cost effectively complete the suite of DTV POL regulator and Digital STB regulator with a low external component count. The main control loop for the TPS53124 uses the D-CAP mode that is optimized for low ESR output capacitors such as POSCAP, SP-CAP, or High Polymer Chemistry and provides fast transient response with no external compensation. TPS53124 provides conversion voltages (Drain voltage for the synchronous high-side MOSFET) from 4.5 V to 24 V and output voltages from 0.76 V to 5.5 V.