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TPS53125 Dual Synchronous Step-Down Controller Evaluation Module



  • D-CAP2 Mode Control
  • High Initial Reference Accuracy (±1%)
  • Low Output Ripple
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.5 V to 24 V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.76 V to 5.5 V
  • Low-Side RDS(ON) Loss-Less Current Sensing
  • Adaptive Gate Drivers with Integrated Boost Diode
  • Adjustable Soft Start
  • Non-Sinking Pre-Biased Soft Start
  • 350-kHz Switching Frequency
  • Cycle-by-Cycle Over-Current Limiting Control
  • 30-mV to 300-mV OCP Threshold Voltage
  • Thermally Compensated OCP by 4000 ppm/°C at ITRIP

Texas Instruments  TPS53125EVM-599

The TPS53125EVM-599 evaluation module is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS53125 Dual Synchronous Step-Down Controller. The evaluation module converts 12V (8V - 22V) to 1.05V @ 4A and 1.8V @ 4A.