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Evaluation Module for TPS53310: 2.9V to 6V, 3-A Step-Down Converter with Integrated MOSFETs



  • 1.5-V master and 1.2-V slave outputs
  • 3-Adc steady-state current
  • 1.1-MHz switching frequency
  • Hiccup overcurrent protection
  • J1: selectable 3.3-V or 5-V input voltage
  • J2, J7: selectable FCCM, DE, HEF mode
  • J5: selectable master and slave interleaved operation
  • J4, J9 for master and slave enable function
  • Loop gain measurement
  • Convenient test points for probing critical waveforms
  • Four-layer PCB with 2 oz of copper on the outside layers

Texas Instruments  TPS53310EVM-755

The TPS53310EVM-755 evaluation module (EVM) is a high-efficiency evaluation platform with twoTPS53310 3-A, integrated FET, step-down converters working in a Master-Slave synchronization scheme. The two outputs are 1.5 V/3 A (master) and 1.2 V/3 A (slave) from a 3.3-V or 5-V input bus. The EVM uses the TPS53310 synchronous buck controller with integrated switcher.