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Evaluation Module for TPS53311 Synchronous Step Down DCDC Converter



  • TI Proprietary Integrated MOSFET and Packaging Technology
  • Continuous 3-A Output Current
  • Supports All MLCC Output Capacitor
  • Supports Skip Mode for Light Load Control
  • Optimized Efficiency at Light and Heavy Loads
  • Voltage Mode Control
  • Supports Master-Slave Interleaved Operation
  • Synchronization up to ±20% of Nominal Frequency
  • Conversion Voltage Range Between 2.9 V and 6.0 V
  • Soft-Stop Output Discharge During Disable
  • Adjustable Output Voltage Ranging Between 0.6 V and 0.84 V × VIN
  • Overcurrent, Overvoltage and Over-Temperature Protection
  • Small 3×3, 16-Pin QFN Package
  • Open-Drain Power Good Indication
  • Internal Boot Strap Switch

Texas Instruments  TPS53311EVM-561

The TPS53311EVM-561 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the TPS53311 Synchronous Step Down DC/DC Converter.