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Evaluation Module for TPS53316 High-Efficiency, 5-A Step-Down Regulator with Integrated Switcher



  • Continuous 5-A Output Current Capability
  • Supports all MLCC Output Capacitors
  • Voltage Mode Control
  • Selectable Light-Load Operation Modes (Forced Continuous Conduction Mode (FCCM),Diode-Emulation (DE) Mode and High-Efficiency (HEF) Mode)
  • Selectable Switching Frequency Settings (750 kHz, 1.1 MHz, and 2.0 MHz)
  • Selectable Overcurrent Threshold
  • Soft-Stop Output Discharge During Disable
  • Over Current, Over Voltage, Under voltage and Over Temperature Protections
  • Power Good Indication
  • .
  • Pre-Bias Output Voltage Start Up
  • Convenient Test Points for Probing Critical Waveforms

Texas Instruments  TPS53316EVM-075

The TPS53316EVM-075 evaluation module (EVM) is a step-down regulator featuring TPS53316. TheTPS53316 is a fully integrated step-down regulator employing voltage mode control. The TPS53316EVM-075 is designed to use a 3.3-V or 5-V voltage rail to produce a regulated 1.5-V output at up to 5-A load current. The TPS53316EVM-075 is designed to demonstrate the TPS53316 in a typical low voltage application while providing a number of test points to evaluate the performance of the TPS53316.