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TPS53667 6-Phase, DCAP+TM Step-Down Buck Controller Evaluation Module with PMBus Interface



  • Vout: 1.0V/180A
  • Vin: 8 to 14V
  • Pin-Strapping and PMBus (NVM) configuration support
  • 1 thru 6 phase operation
  • Optimized efficiency with light or heavy loading

Texas Instruments  TPS53667EVM-769

This evaluation module (EVM) allows the user to assess the operating characteristics of the TPS53667 controller with the CSD95490 smart power stages in a low voltage, high current, step-down point of load (POL) application with the configuration, control and monitoring functionality of the included PMBus interface.

The EVM is provided as a 6-phase 1V/180A output converter operating from a nominal 12V supply, using a pin-strapped configuration, to demostrate its use for a high power ASIC design or other similar application. If fewer phases are required for a lower current application, the controller's configuration can be altered to reduce the active number of phases via the PMBus interface and the Fusion Digital Power™ Designer software (available as a download from TI website).