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Dual-channel(6+2 or 5+3 phases), D-CAP+ Step-Down, DC-DC Analog with PMBus Interface Evaluation Mod



  • Configurable to 6+2 or 5+3 phases
  • Test support for high power(300A) ASIC
  • Support for dynamic load

Texas Instruments  TPS53681EVM-002

The TPS53681EVM evaluation module (EVM) allows users to evaluate The TPS53681 controller. The Controller is dual channel(6+2 or 5+3 phases), D-CAP+ synchronous buck driverless control with PMBus Interface. The device operates using a voltage supply between 4.5 V and 17 V. The controller allows programming and monitoring via the PMBus interface. This BMC002-EVM uses the CSD95490, Synchronous Buck NexFET™ Smart Power Stage device as the power stage.