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100 mA Split Rail SWIFT™ Converter Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS54060EVM-590

The TPS54060 DC/DC converter is designed to provide up to a 0.5-A output from an input voltage source of 3.5V to 60V. Rated input voltage and output current range for the TPS54060EVM-590 evaluation module are given in Table 1 of the User Guide. This evaluation module is designed to demonstrate transformer-coupled split rail operation with dual outputs providing ±18V at up to ±100mA. The -18V output is used as the ground reference for the TPS54060 in this application, which allows the sum of thepositive and negative outputs to be divided and sent to the VSNS pin for regulation. The switching frequency is externally set to 300kHz with a resistor at the RT/CLK pin, and the compensation components are also external to the integrated circuit (IC). The high-side MOSFET is incorporated inside the TPS54060 package along with the gate drive circuitry. The low drain-to-source on-resistance of the MOSFET allows the TPS54060 to achieve high efficiency and helps keep the junction temperature low at high output currents. Additionally, the TPS54060 provides adjustable slow start and undervoltage lockoutinputs.