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9V to 21Vin, 3A Step Down Converter



  • Internally compensated for lower parts count
  • 500 kHz switching frequency allows smaller filter components
  • Low Rds(on) for greater than 90% efficiency
  • 2% regulation accuracy
  • Supported by SWIFT Designer software tool for quick and easy design

Texas Instruments  TPS5431EVM-173

The TPS5431EVM-173 evaluation module allows the designer to evaluate the TPS5431 SWIFT DC/DC converter and is designed with very few external components. The input voltage range of this module is 9.0 V to 21 V and the output voltage is pre-set to 5 V. The output voltage can be easily adjusted by changing a resistor divider. Please see the User's Guide (SLVU157) for more information. The TPS5431 is ideal for a wide range of consumer electronics applications with an input voltage requirement of 5.5 V to 23 V.