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4.5V to 18V Input, 3A Converter Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TPS54326EVM-540

The TPS54326 is a single, adaptive on-time D-CAP2™ mode synchronous buck converter requiring a very low external component count. The D-CAP2™ control circuit is optimized for low ESR output capacitors such as POSCAP, SP-CAP or ceramic types and features fast transient response with no external compensation. The switching frequency is internally set at a nominal 700 kHz. The high-side and low-side switching MOSFETs are incorporated inside the TPS54326 package along with the gate drive circuitry.The low drain-to-source on resistance of the MOSFETs allow the TPS54326 to achieve high efficiencies and helps keep the junction temperature low at high output currents. The TPS54226 also has an Auto-Skip mode to enable higher efficiency at light loads. The TPS54326 dc/dc synchronous converter is designed to provide up to a 2A output from an input control voltage source of 4.5V to 18V, input powervoltage source of 2V to 18V and output voltage from 0.76V to 5.5V. Rated input voltage, output voltage and output current range for the evaluation module are given in Table 1.