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3-A, 4.5 to 20 Vin DC/DC Converter with Fixed 3.3V Output



  • Internal compensation for fewer external components
  • 90% efficiency
  • Uses optional low-side MOSFET for high efficiency synchronous rectification
  • Aluminum Electrolytic input and output capacitors
  • Supported by SWIFT Designer software tool for quick and easy design

Texas Instruments  TPS54356EVM-058

Recommended tool:
TPS54320 is the recommended alternative to the TPS5435X devices. Please refer to the TPS54320EVM for new device evaluation.

The TPS54356EVM-058 evaluation module allows the designer to evaluate the internally compensated TPS54356 DC/DC converter optimized for low parts count. The inductor and capacitors selected allow a wide 6-18 V input and up to 3 A. The output voltage is fixed to 3.3 V and can be easily adjusted for other DSP and FPGA core voltages by changing the IC on the circuit board with another fixed voltage option. This particular design incorporates an optional low-side MOSFET (instead of a diode) to provide high efficiency synchronous rectification while switching at 500 kHz.