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3-A DC/DC Converter with Disabled Sinking During Startup



  • Diodes for precharging processor core voltage
  • Ceramic capacitors used in the output filter
  • 1 % regulation
  • Small, compact design
  • High Efficiency
  • Supported by SWIFT Designer software tool for quick and easy design

Texas Instruments  TPS54373EVM-237

Recommended tool:
TPS54318 is the recommended alternative device to TPS54373. Please refer to the TPS54318EVM for new device evaluation.

The TPS54373EVM kit allows the designer to easily evaluate the 3 A TPS54373 synchronous buck DC/DC Converter with disabled sinking during startup (DSDS). The module provides 4 series diodes to allow the user to pre-charge the output from the EVM input voltage or an external source. The input voltage range is 3-6 V and the output voltage is adjustable down to 0.9 V (module preset to 1.8 V). Other voltages are possible by changing the resistor divider.

Please see the TPS54373EVM-237 User's Guide (SLVU088) document for more information.