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TPS54424 4A Synchronous SWIFT™ Step-Down Converter Evaluation Module



  • 4.5 V to 17 V input voltage, 12 V nominal
  • 1.8 V output at 4 A
  • Fixed frequency peak current mode control
  • Adjustable switching frequency, 700 kHz operation pre-set
  • Test points for all critical waveforms and connections

Texas Instruments  TPS54424EVM-779

The TPS54424EVM-779 is an 4-A synchronous converter evaluation module (EVM).  The TPS54424 is a synchronous buck converter, integrating both power MOSFETs to minimize solution size and provide high efficiency at full load. Fixed-frequency peak current-mode control is used to minimize period and on-time jitter. Forced continuous conduction mode keeps the switching frequency fixed at light loads and enables fast transient response to and from light loads.