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30A D-CAP/D-CAP2 SWIFT™ Converter with PMBus™ and V, I, Temp Telemetry




  • Full power conversion from 12V to 1V at 30A load.
  • Test points for all critical waveforms, PMBus connection
  • Convenient 3x3” size
  • Design files available for reuse


Texas Instruments  TPS544C20EVM-634

The TPS544C20EVM evaluation module (EVM) allows users to evaluate the TPS544C20. The TPS544C20 is a D-CAP2™ mode, 30-A SWIFTTM converter with PMBus TM. It provides a fixed 1.2-V output at up to 30 A from a 12-V input bus. The TPS544C20EVM is designed to demonstrate the TPS544C20 in a typical, low-voltage application while providing a number of test points, including the PMBus connection to evaluate the performance of the TPS544C20.

If a designer wants to communicate with this EVM from a Windows-based PC, a separate USB Interface Adapter EVM is required.
The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter serves as an interface adapter or a bridge between a host PC (IBM compatible) and one or multiple slave devices via a standard type-A to mini-B USB cable. The USB-TO-GPIO Adapter is listed below in the related products section.