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TPS54614 6V Input, 1.8V Output, 6A Evaluation Module



  • Internal compensation for quick design
  • Oversized inductor pad for easy component modification
  • Only 6 external components
  • Less than 1 square inch of board space
  • 2 % regulation accuracy
  • Supported by SWIFT Designer software tool

Texas Instruments  TPS54614EVM-183

Recommended tool:
TPS54678 is the recommended alternative to the TPS5461X devices. Please refer to the TPS54678EVM for new device evaluation.

The TPS54614EVM-183 kit allows the designer to evaluate the TPS54614 synchronous buck DC/DC converter with integrated 6A MOSFETs. The input voltage range is 3-6 V and the output voltage is 1.8 V. Other voltages are possible by replacing the IC with another fixed output version of the TPS5461x family. The TPS5461x is ideal for regulating the voltage in point of load applications from a 3.3 V or 5 V rail for high current DSPs, FPGAs, ASICs and microcontrollers.

Please see the TPS54614EVM-183 User's Guide document (SLVU053) for more information on module specifications and modification.