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Evaluation Module for TPS54618 Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT™ DC/DC Converter



  • 2.95V to 6V operation
  • Current mode control
  • Synchronizes to External Clock
  • 250uA No load quiescent operating current (no switching)
  • 200kHz to 2MHz externally set frequency
  • Low drop out, 98% max. duty cycle
  • +/-1% VSENSE reference over temp
  • 0.8V Internal Voltage Reference
  • Power Good output
  • Stable Operation with Ceramic Output Capacitor
  • External Slow Start/Tracking
  • Adjustable Input Voltage UVLO
  • Forced CCM
  • Cycle by Cycle Current Limit and over temperature protection
  • Thermally Enhanced 16-Pin 3 mm x 3 mm QFN (RTE)
  • Monotonic start into pre-biased output

Texas Instruments  TPS54618EVM-606

The TPS54618EVM-606 is a fully assembled and tested curcuit for evaluating the TPS54618 6A, 2MHz Synchronous Step-Down SWIFT DC/DC Converter. The TPS54618EVM-606 operates from a 3V to 6V input and delivers a 1.8V output at 6A. The same board may be modified to provide different output voltages. See the TPS54618EVM-606 User's Guide for details.