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TPS546C20A Two-Phase Evaluation Module With PMBUS



  • Two phase interleaving PMBUS-Enabled BUCK converters. 70A DC steady state Ouput current.
  • ±0.5% 0.6VREF Tolerance Over -40 to 125°C Junction Temperature
  • 0.35V to 1.65V Adjustable VREF for AVS and Marginnig through PMBUS
  • True Differential Remote Sense Amplifier
  • Programmable OCP, UVLO, OV, UV, OT thresholds. Interal Temperature Monitoring.

Texas Instruments  TPS546C20AEVM2-746

The TPS546C20AEVM2-PWR746 evaluation module (EVM) uses two TPS546C20A devices. The TPS546C20A is a voltage mode, 35A synchronous buck converter with integrated MOSFETs. Two phase converters on the EVM provides a 0.9V output at up to 70A from a 12V input bus.