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8-A Active Bus Termination/DDR Memory DC/DC Converter



  • Ceramic capacitors used in the output filter
  • 1% regulation accuracy
  • Small, compact design
  • High efficiency

Texas Instruments  TPS54872EVM-222

The TPS54872EVM-222 kit allows the designer to easily evaluate the TPS54872 synchronous buck DC/DC Converter with integrated 8 A continuous power MOSFETs. The Module is designed for active bus termination applications such as DDR memory, GTL, SSTL, etc. The module is optimized for small size and high frequency and uses ceramic capacitors in the output filter. The input voltage range is 4-6 V and a pin is available for an external reference signal. The output voltage (Vddq) is 1/2 of the user applied reference voltage (Vtt). The output voltage also tracks the user applied reference voltage. Other voltages are possible by reconfiguring the EVM's resistors.

Please see the TPS54872EVM-222 User's Guide document for more information.