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8-A DC/DC Converter with Simultaneous Sequencing of Multiple Voltages



  • External compensation for design flexibility
  • Greater than 90 % efficiency
  • 1 % regulation
  • Out of phase synchronization
  • Supported by SWIFT Designer software tool for quick and easy design

Texas Instruments  TPS54880EVM

The TPS54880EVM Evaluation Module allows the designer to evaluate the TPS54880 for use in a multiple voltage sequencing scheme. The TPS54880 tracking regulator is paired with a TPS54610 to demonstrate simultaneous power up and down of the two voltages. However, any DC/DC converter can be used to provide the master voltage signal and multiple TPS54x80's can be used in the application to sequence more than two voltages.

Please see the TPS54880EVM User's Guide (SLVU077) document for more information.