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TPS55065EVM Evaluation Module



  • Switch-Mode Regulator
    • 5V+/-2%, Normal Mode
    • 5V+/-3%, Low-Power or Crossover Mode
  • Switching Frequency, 440 kHz (typical)
  • Input Operating Range, 1.5V to 40V, (Vdriver)
    • 500-mA Load-Current Capability
    • 200-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 2V Input (Vdriver)
    • 120-mA Load-Current Capability Down to 1.5V Input (Vdriver)
  • Enable Function
  • Low-Power Operation Mode Supply
  • Switched 5V Regulated Output on 5Vg With Current Limit
  • Programmable Slew Rate and Frequency Modulation for EMI Consideration
  • Reset Function With Deglitch Timer and Programmable Delay
  • Alarm Function for Undervoltage Detection and Indication
  • Thermally Enhanced Package for Efficient Heat Management
    • Automotive Electronic Controller Power

PowerPAD is a trademark of Texas Instruments.

    Texas Instruments  TPS55065EVM

    The Texas Instruments TPS55065EVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS55065 Switch Mode Power Supply - Buck / Boost Regulator. The EVM contains one DC/DC converter.