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TPS5516xEVM Single Inductor 1A Buck-Boost Evaluation Module



  • TPS55160-Q1-variant default output voltage set to 8 V
  • Provides example of layout for good electrical and thermal performance
  • Allows selection between Low-Power Mode (LPM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). Default is PWM mode.
  • Allows selection of spread spectrum operation. Default is Jumper Installed, Spread Spectrum Disabled.
  • Allows selection of Power good delay between 0.6ms, 3ms and 40ms

Texas Instruments  TPS55160Q1-EVM

The Texas Instruments TPS5516xEVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers to evaluate the operation and performance of the TPS55160-Q1, a 1A single-inductor buck-boost-converter.

The TPS55160-Q1 allows to set the output voltage through a feedback-divider from 5.7V to 9V.